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Although Mary’s parents were lifelong Republicans, in 1928 she and her brother Averell declared their support for Democratic presidential candidate Al Smith. Mary’s active work for the campaign brought her once again in close contact with her friends Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the first members of the New York Junior League, and Frances Perkins, who both campaigned for their candidate throughout the country. While Republican Herbert Hoover won the election that year in a landslide, for Mary, what was to become a tireless life in politics had taken off.
Four years …

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Find out what Junior League leaders experienced at the AJLI 92nd Annual Conference through their social media updates.

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It’s either the power of social media or the enthusiasm of amateur singing enthusiasts, but when we put this simple question on our Facebook page recently – We at AJLI would like to know whether your Junior League has a choir/singing group – we were definitely surprised at the number of responses…and how quickly they were posted!
It turns out that singing groups are an important component of community outreach for many Leagues. Popular venues are nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior centers but also schools and occasionally League events. …

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It’s called Remembrance Day in Canada (and in other Commonwealth countries) and Veteran’s Day in the U.S., but it all comes down to the same thing: the fighting that killed an estimated 10 million soldiers and 7 million civilians in Europe almost a century ago came to an end on November 11, 1918…and the 11th day of November has ever since been a day to commemorate the event.
But the war also took place at a time of greater civic leadership for women and, while they were not combatants, their roles …