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Though she committed to donating the entirety of her holdings to charity when she joined the elite Giving Pledge in 2010, Lyda Hill of the Junior League of Dallas has never seen her wealth as the limit to her ability to serve in all aspects of her life—as a philanthropist, volunteer, entrepreneur and booster of public institutions.
“When I joined The Junior League and toured all of the different agencies it was helping, I saw what was out there—it opened my eyes,” says the 2015 Mary Harriman winner. “Then I understood what I could do about it.”
Her innovations …

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Find out what Junior League leaders experienced at the AJLI 93nd Annual Conference through their personal updates on social media.

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Doubtless the most famous friend of Mary Harriman, Eleanor Roosevelt died 53 years ago this month. Her early work with the Junior League of the City of New York helped the shy young woman find her voice, and the work she and other early League members did in the intense poverty of the settlement houses of the Lower East side was her introduction to the public service which became her life’s work.
Three times a first lady, the first U.S. delegate to the newly established United Nations, chair of JFK’s Commission …

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It’s called Remembrance Day in Canada (and in other Commonwealth countries) and Veteran’s Day in the U.S., but it all comes down to the same thing: the fighting that killed an estimated 10 million soldiers and 7 million civilians in Europe almost a century ago came to an end on November 11, 1918…and the 11th day of November has ever since been a day to commemorate the event.
But the war also took place at a time of greater civic leadership for women and, while they were not combatants, their roles …